In the heart of Sicily, nearby Palagonia, a small town in the province of Catania, there is the "Terranova Estate", a citrus grove of over 2000 plants, handed down for over 4 generations.
Our orange production consists exclusively of TAROCCO GALLO, one of the best qualities of blood orange you can find in Sicily today. The maturation is from December to April and during this period you can buy all different variety of blood orange according to ther maturation calendar.  We working in this land for almost 100 years, the care we put into our ground and in our plants is the result of an experience handed down from father to son and a careful control by a team of agronomists and experts that year after year make better our production.

We don't use pesticides or other chemical products,  all are productions are made only with natural treatments to obtain the best quality of ever.


All our production is certified by chemical analysis,  our citrus fruits have no residues of plant protection products (See the certificate below).
We are simple people, a simple big family, who loves share the goodness of the fruits grown with love and the inimitable sicilian taste.


Sicilian oranges as freshly picked
The best products of Sicilian citrus production on your table. The Terranova company brings directly to your home the freshness of freshly picked Sicilian oranges!
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